No more Visa on arrival stamps!

According to HDVisa on Koh Samui Thailands immigration just stopped giving arrival stamps at the borders. To enter Thailand foreigners now need a valid visa in their passports:

URGENT VISA INFORMATION: Starting IMMEDIATELY the Immigration at Thailand borders does not issue visa on arrival entry stamps anymore. On arrival you need to have a valid visa in your passport (Tourist, Non B, Non O, aso.) or you will not be able to enter Thailand. You will not get 30 days on arrival without a valid visa!

Please share this information.

[via HDVisa]

Thousands of ducks on the street

You can experience quite something on the streets here in Thailand. Starting with animals of all kinds (oxes, dogs, snakes) that roam the streets more or less relaxed, then rust buckets that are hold together by strings and motorollers filled with six or more passengers.

What I never saw though were ducks. I am not sure how I would react to thousands of ducks like those in the video…

Knock knock!

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I got the strange feeling that political unrest and coups in Thailand always happen in May or in autumn (September/October). Which got proofed once again today.

Thaksins sister got ousted last month, since Tuesday we have “Martial Law” in Thailand and now the head of military declared that a coup is the only way to lead the country into a safe future. Let’s see what happens.

Beware the wrath of the wife!

Thailand is the land of smiles and over reactions. Case in point: A woman argues with her husband, burns cloths in their rooms. The fire spreads and 42 houses burn down, 92 houses get damaged, 401 people injured.

She promptly confessed to the crime, and stated that she was having a personal argument with her husband at the time. The suspect said she burned some clothes inside their room and continued arguing with her husband later. [Khaosod]

Just saying… beware the wrath of the wife!